Joan Marc Falcó wins for the second consecutive time the 101 km of Ronda, while in the women’s category the winner is Ana María Cerván.

The 101 km of Ronda had modified the route a little in search of something more mountainous and a little more uneven, which was expected to be an even more spectacular edition than previous editions and the mother of my life that we experienced in this edition.

The day before, Joan Marc,Expert on the terrain, had warned, with his eye on the first part of the race, that it is an up and down that punishes a lot. In the technical talk he had warned, but he was ignored, and the race from the start was crazy, and he was partly part of that crazy.








101 km Ronda 2018 Trail Running Andalucia (19)

But let’s go to the beginning. The morning was foggy, and at 9:00 a.m. when the majority of runners approached the stadium, the fog had barely lifted. Everyone asked for the day to stay like this, but everyone knew it wasn’t going to happen.

101 km Ronda 2018 Trail Running Andalucia (77)

The 101 km start from Ronda is very special, and if the music of the UTMB is «conquest of paradise» in Ronda, what you do is give the three Vivas. Viva España, Viva El Rey and Viva la legión.


But this year, something has changed, this year due to the death of a companion, on a mission, and in his honor,  «El novio de la Muerte» was sung.

Once the emotional memory of the fallen team-mate was over, the race started.

The start was brutal, and nobody wanted to be left behind in those first few metres, everyone wanted to go to the front of the pack at the pass of the street «De la Bola», full of people, and in the pass through «Real Maestranza de Caballeria de Ronda»















The race continued very fast, and the positions did not change, a group of 4 in front and the pursuers, who were joined not far away, the winners of the Cradle of the Legion, the Ceuta runners Mustafa Al Lal and Mustafa Abderraman.

The race was going on, and Dani Moreno is the first to say «up to here» the rhythm of madness, and the ups and downs that Joan had noticed the previous day, could with this fantastic Nerja rider.

Arriate km 30.







Setenil De las Bodegas This year was going to mark the race, Joan Marc and Julio Rey arrive outstanding, Raul Daza, who arrives very closed decides not to continue, can not continue. Antonio Cayetano, who has put his best face to pass through the human corridor of Setenil, once he passes for the refreshment, puts his true face, is fused. But he’s a warrior.

Ruben Delgado, who arrives fresh as a daisy, says he’s going to go km 70, which can’t risk 100 km when the 24-hour European Chamionship is so close.








Leaving Setenil, Julio Rey takes a Gel that doesn’t seem to suit him at all, a kilometre has not passed when he begins to feel nauseous, Joan, who has set the cruise rhythm, begins to take distance.

Julio needs to stop, he starts to vomit, the body is expelling everything that hasn’t worked for him, but that will also reduce his performance. Still in the race, Antonio Cayetano overtakes him.

Joan is gradually putting land in the way between his pursuers and himself, everything goes according to his plan, which is none other than to go at his own pace.

Julio Rey, more or less recovered, reaches Antonio Cayetano. The passage through the barracks is hard for both Julio and Cayetano. On the way up to the Montejaque hermitage, Julio and Cayetano are competing for second place, Julio takes a few metres and begins the descent towards the Montejaque cemetery in front of Cayetano.

Joan Marc passes by the cemetery of Montejaque, 16 minutes is the difference with Julio Rey who has taken a few meters to Cayetano.








The new part of the route, the return to El Hacho, has yet to be tackled. Joan knows this part of the route very well, he knows that even though it is not a very steep slope, at this altitude, km 75 is going to do a lot of damage.

The new pass through Montejaque, after the return to Hacho, makes it clear that if nothing strange happens Joan Marc will put the «Chapiri». Julio Rey is taking time away from Cayetano for more than 4 minutes. Everything seems decided.

But no, just where in 2015 Joan Marc suffered a bird that cost him those 101 km in favour of Manuel Anguita, Julio Rey suffers this bird, he needs to sit down and eat. His body’s in a slump, and he needs to make up for it to continue.

In front, Joan Marc has it all, Ronda is on his way, he hears his family screaming, they know he’s coming, that this adopted Rondeño is in the lead, he’s in the Alameda,…. Joaaan Marc wins the 101 km of Ronda for the second year running.

After Joan Marc and just over 25 minutes later, Antonio Cayetano appears, who in a titanic effort has managed to overtake Julio Rey and hold the position. Julio Rey is third in a minute and a half from Cayetano.

At the finish line, WINNER  Joan Marc Falcó (a las 7 en el Bar) 8h 51 min.

101 km Ronda 2018 Trail Running Andalucia (185)


SECOND PLACE  Antonio Cayetano Ortega (Elite Runner) 9h 17 min,







THIRD Julio Rey (TrainingGrey tello) 9h 18 min.







101 km Ronda 2018 Trail Running Andalucia (201)


In the women’s category we also had a very exciting race.

Mónica Ferreira, set a devilish rhythm from the beginning. It was impressive at the speed it was making the miles. On the Pilar de Coca (km 18) it was the top 50 of the race, but behind it the fight was beautiful. The runners didn’t go together, but they would distance themselves in seconds. Esther Arias, Belén Gonzalez, Ana María Cerván, Patricia Scalise and Olga Perez. All very close







Mónica Ferreira kept increasing her advantage with her pursuers, 16 min ( Arriate km 30)







23 min Setenil (km 50). But their rivals moved in minimal differences between them.








But everything changes, everything that used to increase the advantage now becomes a hunt. Ana María Cervan is slowly beginning to reduce Monica’s advantage, news travels fast, Monica is paying the price. Patricia Scalise and Esther Arias are also cutting back. We don’t know if the time he had ahead of him will be enough to make it to the finish line.

A new reference comes along, in Montejaque, the difference between Mónica Ferreira and Ana María Cervan practically does not exist, and finally it reaches her in Benaoján. Patricia Scalise and Esther Arias are just over 10 minutes away. We all do the math… it’s gonna be a hair’s breadth away.

At 4 km from the finish line, Ana María Cerván already seems to be the winner, she has managed to get Monica Ferreira in 15 km 11 minutes, but what is not certain is the second place, Mónica, is that even the podium does not seem clear. Patricia Scalise only loses 3 minutes with Monica. It’s going to be a very exciting four kilometers.

Patricia Scalise reaches Monica with 2 km to go, the Argentinean runner, who holds the Argentinean record of 24 h (204 km) has managed to keep her strength for the end, and now, Monica is in a terrible bump, Esther Arias is losing 15 minutes, but Monica doesn’t seem to be able to hold on to those last kilometers.

At The Finish Line, WINNER  101 Km Ronda Ana María Cerván ( La vereita Marbella) 11h 26 min.

101 km Ronda 2018 Trail Running Andalucia (241)







SECOND   Patricia Scalise (Legroup Málaga). 11h 42 min.

101 km Ronda 2018 Trail Running Andalucia (252)







THIRD   Mónica Ferreira 11h 53 min.

101 km Ronda 2018 Trail Running Andalucia (255)

The other competition, the one that is lived by teams is very different from everything else. That was a real battle.

The battle team, where everyone has to stay together throughout the competition, makes the whole partnership thing go to extremes. Everyone must endure the good and bad times of each team member, manage not only your strengths but also those of your teammates.

There were changes in leadership and difficult times for the groups. But finally, the General Academy manages to impose itself.


















News is beginning to arrive, the second team to appear on the finish line is the  team » IV Tercio Alejandro Farnesio», host of the 101 km Ronda race, but the III Tercio «Juan de Austria» is on its heels.

People’s nerves started to fray ¿What’s the second team to show up on the Alameda? «Chito» The Speaer, who is a few metres farther ahead and has better vision, keeps his eye on him. He shouts from afar… «The fourth third is approaching»..

Finally it is the IV Tercio «Alejandro Farnesio» who crosses the finish line a few metres ahead of the third third «Juan de  Austria».








Third Place III Tercio «Juan de Austria»























Cosas a tener en cuenta en 101 km Ronda La Legión.

Vamos con la última hora.

el tiempo


El sábado 12 de mayo parece que será soleado, no hay predicción de agua. Pero el indice ultravioleta esta en un nivel muy alto. No se os olvide la Gorra y poner crema solar de alta protección en las zonas expuestas al sol. (Cara, Cuello, brazos, antebrazos, hombros, orejas… )

Hay varias cosas importantes que hay que tener en la cabeza, respetar la distancia y hacer las rutinas a las que estamos acostumbrados. (Se corre como se entrena).

En este tipo de distancias no se puede olvidar comer y beber regularmente. Os dejo el video de Raul Barriocanal hablando sobre esto.

Las principales causas de abandono son, la deshidratación y problemas estomacales como dice Raul, pero también son las Ampollas en los pies y las Rozaduras. Las principales causas de las ampollas en los pies, viene por una mala elección del calcetín que utilizamos, nos gastamos un dineral en unas zapatillas ( que está bien) pero no nos preocupamos de llevar un calcetín de calidad, hay muchos y buenos en el mercado, los más probados Lurbel BMax Desafío o Lurbel BMax Track y de la marca Hoko los Kimo.

¿Que zapatillas son las mejores para 101 km de Ronda? Las mejores son las zapatillas que has utilizado para los entrenamientos hechos para esta carrera. No es el día de probar zapatillas nuevas. Utiliza las zapatillas con las que te has sentido más cómodo durante las tiradas largas del entreno ( lleva unos compeed por si salen ampollas, son milagrosos).  Si vas a dejar un mochila en el Acuartelamiento, puedes dejar un par de zapatillas allí, por si las que llevas te han causado rozaduras.

No es material obligatorio pero si es esencial ponerse crema antifricción (vaselina o alguna de las cremas que hay en el mercado) en lugares con mucho roce, Pezones (para marchadores categoría masculina), entre pierna, costados y cachetes ( sí, lo que estáis pensando, la rajita del culo es de lo que más se roza), también la zona lumbar suele ser muy castigada por el roce de la mochila.

¿Bastones Si o Bastones No? Para corredores que van a más de 14h yo diría que si. Para corredores que van a buscar bajar de 12h, no creo que les haga falta ningún consejo, jejeje. Para aquellos que buscan entre 12 y 14h es una decisión que hay que estudiar bien. Pero estamos como con las zapatillas, no es día de llevar bastones por primera vez, has tenido que entrenar con ellos.

Para corredores que vayáis a más de 14 h, tened en cuenta que por la noche refresca, y dependiendo del punto donde os pille la noche, hay que prever llevar una camiseta que abrigue además del cortavientos con capucha obligatorio.

Os dejamos un Rutómetro, con tiempos de pasos calculados para poder llegar a la Alameda (Meta) en 19h, ( 06.00h de la madrugada).

Tiempos de Paso

Mucha Fuerza a todos.

Id con tiempo para la salida. Antes de entrar al estadio deberéis tener vuestro dorsal y haber entregado, si es que vais a entregar, la mochila para Setenil o el Cuartel.

Todo participante en la prueba deberá encontrarse en el cajón de salida antes de la hora establecida para el inicio de la prueba, la mañana del sábado 12 de mayo.

La salida se dará a las 11.00 horas para marcha y equipos; 15 minutos antes (a las 10.45) se cerrará el acceso al campo de fútbol, y el sellado de pasaportes, quedando automáticamente descalificado de la prueba todo aquel participante que no cumpla este horario.


El material obligatorio, será requerido por los Árbitros de la FAM, en el control de dorsales y en cualquier parte del recorrido y todos los corredores estarán obligados a someterse a dicho control, bajo pena de sanción o descalificación de la carrera.

  1. Chaqueta cortavientos con capucha y manga larga.
  2. Manta térmica o de supervivencia de tamaño mínimo 1,20 x 1,20 m.
  3. Contenedor para reserva de agua (mínimo 1 litro).
  4. Frontal o linterna con pilas de repuesto.
  5. Gorra, Visera o Badana.
  6. Pantalones o mallas, mínimo por debajo de las rodillas.
  7. Teléfono móvil con batería cargada y teléfonos de la organización.
  8. Silbato.
  9. Luz roja de posición trasera.


El material necesario para la entrega de la mochila va incluido en la «Bolsa del participante»:



1. La mochila deberá estar precintada correctamente dentro de la bolsa de plástico y cerrada con la Brida de Sujeción.

2. La mochila deberá estar identificada con la pegatina de identificación en una zona visible y dentro de la bolsa de plástico.

3. SOLO SE ADMITIRÁ UNA MOCHILA POR MARCHADOR. En la pegatina indicará el destino al que se dirigirá la mochila.


5. Sólo se admitirán mochilas que entren dentro de la bolsa de plástico proporcionada en la «bolsa del participante». NO SE ADMITIRÁN MALETAS NI TROLLEYS.

6. Durante la carrera, una vez recogida la mochila para su uso, podrá ser entregada a la organización de nuevo en el mismo punto donde se retira, para su traslado a meta.

7. Todas las mochilas, independientemente de donde se hayan entregado (Setenil o Acuartelamiento), al finalizar la carrera se encontrarán en meta.





perfil Marcha 2018-traRECORRIDO:

En los primeros kilómetros, sólo para marchadores, se introduce un bucle en la zona del Cortijo de Melequitín, a los pies de Sierra Hidalga. Este incremento para los marchadores en el tramo inicial, se compensa suprimiendo el tramo del Campo de Maniobras de las Navetas, por donde sí circularán los ciclistas, que además llegarán a Alcalá del Valle, donde no lo harán los marchadores. Para ambas categorías, tras la conocida bajada al Cementerio de Montejaque, se introduce la vuelta al “Monte Hacho”, espectacular bucle que bordea el monte cercano a esta localidad.

marcha descarga

Track 101 km Ronda 2018

Explicación del Nuevo Trazado por parte de Chito Speaker y el Coronel del Tercio Ramón Armada.


Nos vemos en Ronda.




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